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What is a crammer course?

The crammer course is a comprehensive review of the Alabama Sales Pre-license Course designed to help students pass the state licensing exam.

​How does it work?

After settling down with a cup of hot coffee and a donut (seriously!) and brief introductions, the instructor begins a question-based lecture about the topic of choice. This is a very interactive style of review and students are strongly encouraged to participate. During the review, the instructor uses a whiteboard, on-the-spot drawings, other types of visual aids, and PowerPoint games to help students grasps key concepts. 

The atmosphere of the class is fun and supportive and students should feel comfortable admitting if they have taken and not passed the state exam. Students should feel free to bring  prepared questions to share with the class. 

Every student will receive a condensed Alabama Sales Pre-license Crammer Workbook that covers critical key points in real property, property ownership, agency & contracts, finance, marketing regulations, math and Alabama License Law and includes two practice exams.

At the of the crammer course, I hope you leave with a better understanding of the key concepts and a blossoming confidence about passing the state exam. I want you to succeed!

Requirements & Rules:

Students must have completed a 60-hour Alabama Salesperson Pre-License course required by the Alabama Real Estate Commission and have a registered student ID number BEFORE attending the crammer course.

  • The crammer course is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for the required 60-hour salesperson pre-license course. Students will be asked to provide the school name and instructor of the pre-license course attended.
  • The crammer course is NOT A PERSONAL TUTORING SESSION, but a group review. Students are asked to be respectful of everyone's needs and not monopolize the instructor's time. If you feel you need a more personalized and in-depth tutoring session, contact us about scheduling a separate personalized tutoring session.
  • Students that are disruptive, combative, argumentative, and/or disrespectful to the instructor and other students will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

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